Supplying White Starlit Dance Floors Across Surrey & London

Our name says it all, we specialise in white starlit dance floors for weddings, birthday parties & corporate events across Surrey, Hampshire and London. Our dance floor hire company is based in Surrey which puts us right in the middle of Hampshire and London allowing us to offer competitive pricing when it comes to hiring a dance floor.
We are a specialist in the hire and rental of white LED starlit dance floors only and do not stock black or coloured floors.


So you are looking to hire a white starlit dance floor but you are not sure what size you may need?

This can be a little hard to judge as some want the dance floor to cater to 100+ dancing on the floor at one time while other customers may have 250 guests but expect maybe only 20 – 50 people dancing at one time.
The most common size dance floor for a wedding is a 16ft x 16ft which works for most size wedding from 50 guest’s up to 200 guests. Please feel free to contact us and with a few simple questions we will be able to guide you on what we feel is the best size dance floor for your event.

Our dance floor panels come in 4ft x 4ft & 2ft x 2ft panels & below your find not only some of the most popular dance floor sizes but also our hire prices:

10x10 £225
12x12 £240
14x14 £265
16x16 £399
18x18 £575
20x20 £775

These prices are subject to a delivery charge, these charges include delivery, setup and collection:


dance floor deliveries



dance floor deliveries



dance floor deliveries


Example floor
Example floor

If you feel our pricing is fair and you would like to book one of our white starlit floors we will need to ask you a few questions first over the phone. These are very important so again below your find a list of questions we will ask.

There is no right or wrong answer to these questions but they are important to insure everything goes to plan.

Why choose the White Starlit Dance Floor Hire company?

Good question and when you decide to use a hire company you’re putting a lot of trust into that Company. We take this very seriously and do our best to insure everything is well planned and thought of beforehand. This is done by asking the right questions beforehand and speaking with you about layout, timings and size of the floor.

Our white LED starlit floors are cleaned here on site before they leave to go to you and then again cleaned on site after installation. This insures a very clean, bright white floor all ready for some dancing action!

Once we install a dance floor the edging is put into place and then secured to the floor with high-tack white tape minimising any panels or edging coming lose. We carry spare dance floor panels with us on board and even spare power supplies just in case something was to fail or go wrong.


Some dance floor companies can’t offer any extras but we can as we a part of a larger rental group which allows us the flexibility to be able to offer our customers things like white LED DJ booths, white LED wireless uplighters, white LED back drop draping, white speaker systems and complete white staging systems for large events – these are very popular for fashion shows!

Hopefully you have found our website easy to use, with info to help you decide what dance floor to hire. We are a friendly family run hire company and if you have any other questions about dance floor please feel free to contact us for more information.